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No events are scheduled for 2020 due to the pandemic

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2019 Glenn Symposium: Judy Campisi, Buck Institute for Research on Aging, “Aging and Cancer: Rival Demons?

2018 Glenn Symposium: Shelley Berger, University of Pennsylvania, “Epigenetic Pathways as Target in Human Diseases”

2017 Glenn Symposium: Vera Gorbunova, University of Rochester, “Longevity Mechanisms in Long Lived Rodents”

2016 Glenn Symposium: Jan van Deursen, The Mayo Clinic, “Cellular Senescence in Aging and Disease: from Mechanism to Therapy”

2015 Glenn Symposium:  Gary Ruvkun, Harvard University, “C elegans Surveillance of Ccore Cellular Components to Detect and Defend Toxin Attacks, Real or Imagined”

2014 Glenn Symposium:  Bruce Yankner, Harvard Medical School, “Systems Biology of the Aging Brain”

2013 Glenn Symposium:  Johan Auwerx, EPFL, Switzerland, "Mitochondrial Function and Aging"

2012 Glenn Symposium: David Sinclair, Harvard, "New Genes and Small Molecules that Slow the Pace of Aging and Disease”

2010 Glenn Symposium: C. Ronald Kahn, Joslin Diabetes Center, "Role of Adipose Tissue in Aging in Mice"

2009 Glenn Symposium: Douglas Wallace, University of CA at Irvine, "Mitochondria-disease Evolution and Aging"